Laser Tag

Rules, Safety & Policies

Rules & Safety

  • Absolutely no physical contact within the facility
  • Sensors must be visible during game, covering sensors during game is poor sportsmanship and can result in being removed from your game
  • Do not remove any equipment during game unless instructed by staff
  • Hold laser gun with both hands
  • No running
  • No climbing
  • No laying on the ground
  • No throwing or dropping laser gun or any piece of equipment
  • No food or drinks allowed in the laser tag arena (this includes no gum)
  • When game is over exit the arena and head back to vesting room
  • No refund will be given for games if you are removed for not obeying staff or facility rules
  • If there is any equipment failure please return to the vesting room and see staff
  • Admission will be refused if staff suspects you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol


  • Socks are mandatory and are available for purchase.
  • Must be minimum 5 years old to play.
  • Kids 8 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult (18+).
  • We strongly advise those with medical conditions such as asthma, epilepsy, heart conditions or pregnancy to refrain from playing laser tag.
  • Everyone (children and adults) entering our facility MUST have a valid waiver.
    You must be a minimum of 18 years old to sign a waiver (refer to our website menu to obtain a waiver).


  • Profanity, violence, bullying and disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated.
  • Please remember this is a family friendly facility.
  • KUPP Centre reserves the right to refuse anyone breaking the rules or acting in a manner that is considered unsafe or potentially harmful.