How old do you have to be to play laser tag?

Our recommendation is 5 years old and up, due to the size and weight of the vest. That being said, if you feel that your little one is up for the challenge, bring it on!

Is laser tag for adults too?

Absolutely! Lasertag is fun for all ages, the most popular times for adults is Friday & Saturday nights between 9:00PM to 11:00PM. If you are looking to come with a large group or coming for an event, inquire about a private booking!

I have a medical condition, can I still play?

If you have medical conditions such as epilepsy, asthma, seizures or pregnancy, you are advised against playing but always entitled to make your own decision. If you have any pre existing medical conditions, please let our lasertag attendant know in case of emergency.

Do I need a waiver to play laser tag?

Yes, everyone entering our facility requires a waiver. Individuals must be a minimum of 18 years old to sign a waiver.

If I have a waiver for the playground, is it good for laser tag as well?

Yes, the waiver you signed applies to both.

How many games does the average person play?

The average person plays 3 games.

Can I make a reservation?

Yes, you can make a reservation.

Please note that reservations have to be paid in full ahead of time and will not be refunded if canceled, or if you do not show up for your reserved time or if the group is late. If you would like to change your reservation date or time, please provide a minimum of 14 days notice.


What is the appropriate footwear?

Socks are mandatory for everyone entering our facility. We do not permit customers to wear their shoes into the arena.



Do you sell socks?

Yes, if you forget your socks, they are available for purchase at the reception desk.



How many people can play at once?

The arena can hold up to 20 people at a time.



If I want to go in the arena with my child but I don't want to play do I still have to pay?

There is no charge for supervising or assisting your child in the arena.



Are the rates for adults and kids the same?

Yes, rates are the same regardless of age.



Do you sell food and/or drinks?

Yes, we have a café area with a variety of food and beverage options.  Click here to view our menu.



Do you have free wifi?





I am looking at allot of party options for my child. Why should I choose Kupp Centre Laser Tag?

You should choose us because we are dedicated to providing the best customer experience and lasting memories! When you come to the KUPP Centre, you are a valued customer.

Does the 8 kids included in the birthday package include the birthday child?

Yes, anyone playing lasertag counts towards the 8. This includes the birthday party child.

What happens if more than 8 people attend the party?

If you would like to add more kids to your birthday party, the additional fee will be as follows:

Standard Party: $18.00
Deluxe Party: $22.00
Supreme Party: $28.00

Can the adults play with the kids?

If adults choose to participate the rates are the following:

1 Game: $9.00
2 Games: $16.00
3 Games: $18.00

Please advise us upon booking if any of the adults plan on participating. If adult choose to attend the party and not play there is no charge for them.

Do adults have to pay if they are not playing?
Adults are free of charge if they choose not to play. When inviting adults, please keep in mind our maximum capacity of 18 people per room.
What happens if I have more than 18 people attending the party?
If you plan on having over 18 people attend the birthday party, please call (705) 586 0926 to discuss your best option with one of our lasertag specialists.
How early can I arrive for my party?

You are welcome to show up 15 minutes prior to your scheduled start time. We will be cleaning up from the previous party and setting up for your party 30 minutes prior to your arrival. If you arrive any earlier, your room may not be ready due to other parties occurring before yours.

Can I bring my own decorations, plates, napkins or cutlery?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring anything decorative that does not have to be put on walls. Please know that if you do not, all this is already included in your party!

Can we bring or own food or drinks?

If you have booked a birthday party with us, the only outside food we allow you to bring is a NUT FREE cake.

Other than that, we don’t allow any outside food or drinks. However, all party packages include a pitcher of water, just ask your host.

If you chose the deluxe or supreme packages your child will be provided with a bottle of water or a juice box, as well as a slice of pizza or a hotdog. We also have a water fountain.

Additional food and drinks are available click here for birthday party options.

Is there a place to put presents?

Yes, in the Party Rooms we have a counter for presents.

Do you have invitations?

Yes, party invitations can be picked up in store or printed at home by clicking here.

Who needs to sign a waiver and where can I get the waivers?

We recommend that waivers are signed in advance to speed up the check in process. Everyone entering the facility is required to sign a waiver. Waivers only need to be signed once per year.

*You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to sign a waiver.

Waivers can be signed online here or printed by clicking here.

What is a good time to call in advance for a party?

To ensure you get the time and date you prefer, we would recommend booking your party at least three weeks before your desired party date.

To book a birthday party please call (705) 586 0926 or click here.

Do I need a deposit to book a party or an event?

A deposit of $75 is required to confirm a booking and goes towards the total cost of your event. Please keep in mind that your deposit is non refundable.

What is your cancelation policy?

Deposits are non-refundable if you choose to cancel your party or do not show up for your party. If you provide a minimum of 14 days notice, you may apply your deposit to any available date or time within one month. If the birthday child develops an illness such as the flu please contact us to discuss your rescheduling options.

My child is gluten / lactose intolerant - Do you make an exception for food if we bring in their special stuff?

Yes, if your child has food sensitivities, please let us know upon booking your party so that we can make the appropriate accommodations and inform your Party Host.

Do you do parties on weekdays?

Absolutely, we do parties 7 days a week! Weekdays are a great time to book parties because our facility is quieter and you receive a lower rate!

What if I just want to walk in and have a party?

We do not allow cake or presents in our general seating area. If you would like to bring in a bunch of kids to play and they plan on bringing gifts, we can hold them behind the front desk and return them to you upon departure. If you would like to eat cake or open presents in our facility, please reserve a room.

Can I use giftcards or coupons towards a party booking?

You are welcome to use a giftcard towards the payment of your party. We do not allow the use of coupons or free passes towards the payment of your party or towards additional guests.

Is the playground included in our laser tag party?

If you wish to visit the playground after your lasertag party you will receive a 20% discount on playground admission for every child!